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Self portrait is a very good work to do during the youth. The proces of autoexpresion, to define who you are is veary important to youngsters and video is a really good tool to explore it. But even more important if it's pposible is that when we know how difficult is to comunicate who we are using the medias, we can start to understand how poor is the portrait that the media give us of the others. So stereotypes are something to fight against as it make incomplete, false, and untrue portrait of the others.

To do it we propose a form that think: The film-essay. We propose it because in that audiovisual form the I dialog with the audiovisual material to search an answer. So the starting point is a question and the result of the thinking in action is an audiovisual prototype

So we start with an exploration:

Presenting some importants questions:

Starting a brainstorming groups: Explore the things that define us. Public image vs privat image. How do I build my image into the social networks?

Exploration on the characteristics of the self portrait in paintings and photography trhought the search images. Choose one picture and explain what does it says about the autor.

Learning by doing The tools we choose, the format and the point of view define the result also so let's be aware of it during our work in progress.

Being in front of a camera is a strong experience. The camera capture us, we can search us on our history pictures and try to find the punctum, the strong point that is in the image as Roland Barthes explain it in his "lucid camera ", or we can follow Cristina Nuñez's method on selfportrait [1] or we can portrait ourselfs if we were another as the Universitat Autonoma Students did [2].

To choose an aproach and to start filming.

To explain the first identification leve (The càmera identification) and the second identification level (The characters) on movies.

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