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Personal Video project

Workshop example Short report: 3-5 Minutes

Needed ressources:

That is big enough!

Learning Content/Outcomes:

*Composition (How do you compose shots) 
*Light design (What kind of lighting do you need) (optional)

*Audio engineering (How to combine all sound devices) (optional)

*Web TV (How to present your material on the
internet) (optional)

General Structure of the Workshop:

All content that is taught during the workshop should be practiced immediately: e.g.:

  1. Theoretical input : How to set up an interview situation
  2. Practice: Participants set up an interview situation and interview each other, with changing roles (camera, sound, interviewer, interviewed) Trainer steps back, only helps when hes asked for it.
  3. Analyzing: Participants and Trainer watch and analyze the recordings together, they discuss together what can be improved and what was good. Regarding to the product itself and the process.

Like that the participants can learn from their own mistakes and will not forget the learned so fast.

Educational objectives pursued:

Group work fosters the personal and social competences:

Media Competences

Development of Personal Skills


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