Mobile, Social Networks, School 3.0

This toolkit is an easy opportunity to animate objects or drawings to make samll movies with the help of Stop motion. Stop Motion is a frequently used technique to animate objects through manipulation. After a change has taken place a picture is taken these will later act as single frames within our sequence.
Being connected to facebook or use the moblie in classroom should be allowed while be part of the learning proces. By using socialmedia tools, we are in a controlled and virtual proximity, but above all, we become part of the youngster´s reality. So they become more interested and they have more acces to the conntent and resources. Teachers and youth workers should apropiate this tools. It means, to tranform the bad uses into good ones. This proces needs creativity and an open mind aproach.

* Learning proces should include a constant educational support and this should always be ageed with youngsters interest. That´s why it´s necessary to work with creation tools at classroom.
* It´s necessary to adapt the learning experiences to the diferent groups. So you choose the subject, the activity and the tools to work bearing in mind the groups characteristics.
* Learning at classrom shouldn´t be boaring.
* Follow strict old rules. We need to flexible and to adapt them to the diferent personalities of the youngster.
* That´s why we need to re-think on the forbided elements at schools.

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