AE2O (Portugal)

Escola de Segunda Oportunidade

AE2O (Associação para a Educação de Segunda Oportunidade) is a non profitable private association, whose general objective is to promote second chance education, addressing especially young people with less opportunities, low school and professional qualifications and thus, being at the risk of social exclusion. The main activity of the organisation is to run in Matosinhos, north of Portugal, a Second Chance School, in the scope of the European Second Chance Schools network (E2C-Europe).
Escola de Segunda Oportunidade (Second Chance School) offers to the young people a new chance of quality training suitable to their needs and develops a set of learning activities, exchange of practices and sharing the ideas. One of the main aims of the school is to provide involved young people with the intercultural experiances. The work of AE2O is based on the idea, that anyone who is given the possibility to meet various cultures in a stimulating environment (like it happens during the international project) experiences a profound change, opens the mind and alternates perspectives.For several years AE2O has been organising and participating in many international projects (youth exchanges, seminars, training courses, networking activities).

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