The Bürgerhaus Bennohaus

… is a socio-cultural and mediapedagogical institution in Münster. It’s a forum for the activities of the people in the district but above it’s a well-known media centre in North Rhine-Westphalia. Culture, education and media – by linking and extending the work fields of video, Web TV, radio, internet and multimedia the Bennohaus offers a wide range of possibilities for people to contribute in the citizen media work. Children, teenagers, students, adults and seniors – the Bennohaus unites several work departments to reach different target groups: The local tv station (owtv), the childrens’ and teenagers’ tv channel [i:si], the radio station Studio B and the media centre for seniors and migrants.

The Bennohaus is very experienced in international media work. In 2003 the network association “European Youth4Media Network” has been founded to make media and media competences accessible to young people from all around the world. Within the framework of international media projects people from currently 36 member institutions in 24 countries meet and produce their own media products to contribute to a united Europe and civil society.


Bürgerhaus Bennohaus
Bennostr. 5 48155 Münster, Germany
Tel.: +49 251 609673