Vision @ Barcelona

Workshop of production – Spain, Cornella, 07-12 February 2011

After the project meeting in Porto in December 2010 the partners reunited for the production workshops in Spain. Considering the beauty of the hosting areas, the participants were accommodated in the center of Barcelona, while the workshops had been taking place in the space of the partner organisation – Citilab, in Cornellà. The time of traveling between the places we spent chatting about the different visions, the multimedia ones and the others.
The teams were divided into three groups each working on the word press, Wikipedia and documentation (recording various sessions and interviewing the participants). The first day was dedicated to exploration of the Wikipedia and its features. The participants, with the guidance of the trainer from Amical Wikipedia, were analyzing the characteristics, differences and uses of Wikipedia and Wikimedia. The next day was divided between the continuation of the previous day’s intervention and the Arduino workshop. In the morning all the participants had a chance to work on Wikipedia page and while doing so, learn many technical aspects, necessary to continue the project. Simultaneously, those who already were quite accustomed with the Wikipedia, were improving the blog part of the Vision project. The afternoon was dedicated to the Scratch modification of the Arduino – interested participants, along with some locals, discovered the possibilities of this platform and the Scratch variation . Following days, making use of the knowledge we have just gained, we were exploring the Wikipedia and the blog on our own and in small groups. We started to fill in the content of the project’s web pages. Repeatedly, during this session, the participants were raising the subject of pedagogical motivation behind the multimedia toolkits, discussing various ideas and approaches. Next, there was a couple of workshops around the Open Web learning. For this “Stone soup” and “Virtual Walkshop” we have joined local youngsters and together tested our skills in geolocation. After such an intensive time, we went to a DHub in Barcelona city center ( ), where, with the help of latest digital technologies, we have created personalized laser-cut pieces.
This meeting put the project on a new level, the partners strengthen the cooperation and found a common rhythm of working. We have speed up the process of completing the content of the project’s means. We reached the common understanding and interpretation of the project’s toolkit.

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