Vision @ Münster

Workshop of production – Germany, Münster, 08-13 March 2011

After the project meeting in Cornellá in February the partners reunited for the production workshops in Germany. The participants were accommodated in a very friendly hotel, situated 10 minutes’ walk from the organisation’s office. All the meetings were held in the building of Bennohaus. During this meeting the participants were mainly concentrating on completing the documentation of the existing tolls and discussing the ones which were still to be defined. On this stage of the project, every participant knew it’s tasks and responsibilities. The days were filled with individual work or in small groups. We were active and supporting each other with the skills we have. This intense work lead us closer to the aim and we have managed to complete majority of the objectives set for this particular session. The free time that was left in the evenings, the participants spent sharing the interesting links on P2P2P session or visiting the city.
This meeting definitely brought us closer to the final goals of the project. The multimedia toolkits started to take more concrete form. We have reached the agreement about the pedagogical manifesto that, in short, speaks on behalf of the project and all the partners.

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